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Screening for polybrominated diphenyl ethers in biological samples by reversed-phase fast HPLC-ICP MS

Katarzyna Bierla , A. Riu , L. Debrauwer , Daniel Zalko , Brice Bouyssière , et al.
Journal of Analytical Atomic Spectrometry, 2010, 25 (6), pp.889-892. ⟨10.1039/c000686f⟩
Article dans une revue hal-01529896v1

Excimer LASER and composite surface treatment to improve adhesion performances

Quentin Bénard , Magali Fois , Michel Grisel , Pascale Laurens
Euradh04, Sep 2004, Freiburg, Germany
Communication dans un congrès hal-02565759v1
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Chemoselective reduction of quinoline over Rh-C 60 nanocatalysts

Zhishan Luo , Yuanyuan Min , Wolfgang Bacsa , Divya Nechiyil , Yann Tison , et al.
Catalysis Science & Technology, 2019, 9 (24), pp.6884-6898. ⟨10.1039/C9CY02025J⟩
Article dans une revue hal-02345433v1
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Langmuir and Langmuir-Blodgett films of odorant binding protein/amphiphile study for odorant biosensor

Yanxia Hou , Nicole Jaffrezic-Renault , Claude Martelet , Chaker Tlili , Aidong D. Zhang , et al.
Langmuir, 2005, 21 (9), pp.4058-4065. ⟨10.1021/la0471801⟩
Article dans une revue istex hal-02881790v1

Structure and dynamics of molecules of pharmaceutical interest in gas phase and in aqueous phase

Jean-Christophe Poully , Nicolas Nieuwjaer , Jean Pierre Schermann
Physica Scripta, 2008, 78 (5), pp.058123. ⟨10.1088/0031-8949/78/05/058123⟩
Article dans une revue istex hal-02894230v1

Chemical ecology of an invasive species

Felipe Ramon-Portugal , Christine Ducamp , Jean-Louis Hemptinne , Ware R , Majeus M , et al.
IOBC/WPRS. Harmonia Meeting, Sep 2009, Engelberg, Switzerland
Poster de conférence hal-01905262v1

Mercury contamination level and speciation inventory in Lakes Titicaca & Uru-Uru (Bolivia): Current status and future trends

Stéphane Guédron , David Point , Dario Acha , Sylvain Bouchet , Pascale Anabelle Baya , et al.
Environmental Pollution, 2017, 231, pp.262 - 270. ⟨10.1016/j.envpol.2017.08.009⟩
Article dans une revue hal-01596317v1

Redox behavior of arsenic in surface sediments of Marque River (Northern France)

L. Lesven , J. Gorny , D. Dumoulin , C. Noiriel , B. Madé , et al.
32nd International Conference on Environmental Geochemistry and Health, Jul 2016, Bruxelles, Belgium
Communication dans un congrès hal-01389344v1
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Study of alternative granular adsorbents for benzene and toluene preconcentrations

Irene Lara-Ibeas , Alberto Rodríguez-Cuevas , Christina Andrikopolou , Ali Ahmad Kassir , Racha Kassem , et al.
3rd international workshop MIGRATE, Jun 2018, Bastia, France
Communication dans un congrès hal-02398537v2
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Cd3P2/Zn3P2 Core-Shell Nanocrystals: Synthesis and Optical Properties

Benjamin F P Mcvey , Robert A Swain , Delphine Lagarde , Wilfried-Solo Ojo , Kaltoum Bakkouche , et al.
Nanomaterials, 2022, 12, ⟨10.3390/nano12193364⟩
Article dans une revue hal-03836208v1
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Listening to laser sparks: a link between Laser-Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy, acoustic measurements and crater morphology

Baptiste Chide , Sylvestre Maurice , Naomi Murdoch , Jérémie Lasue , Bruno Bousquet , et al.
Spectrochimica Acta Part B: Atomic Spectroscopy, 2019, 153, pp.50-60. ⟨10.1016/j.sab.2019.01.008⟩
Article dans une revue hal-02028808v1
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Microstructure Characterization of Oceanic Polyethylene Debris

Laura Rowenczyk , Alexandre Dazzi , Ariane Deniset-Besseau , Victoria Beltran , Dominique Goudounèche , et al.
Environmental Science and Technology, 2020, 54 (7), pp.4102-4109. ⟨10.1021/acs.est.9b07061⟩
Article dans une revue hal-02990067v1
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The future of metabolomics in ELIXIR

M. van Rijswijk , C. Beirnaert , C. Caron , M. Cascante , V. Dominguez , et al.
F1000Research, 2017, 6 (Version 2), ⟨10.12688/f1000research.12342.2⟩
Article dans une revue hal-01630635v1

Hemp: An interesting polysaccharide to prepare new innovative materials for metal removal

Sonia Loiacono , Morin-Crini Nadia , Cesare Cosentino , Giangiacomo Torri , Gilles Chanet , et al.
XV Meeting School on Carbohydrate Chemistry, Certosa di Pontignano (Sienne), Jun 2016, Siena, Italy. , 2016
Poster de conférence hal-01664859v1

Catalytic Dehydrogenation of (Di)Amine-Boranes with a Geometrically Constrained Phosphine-Borane Lewis Pair

Maxime Boudjelel , E. Daiann Sosa Carrizo , Sonia Mallet-Ladeira , Stephane Massou , Karinne Miqueu , et al.
ACS Catalysis, 2018, 8 (5), pp.4459 - 4464. ⟨10.1021/acscatal.8b00152⟩
Article dans une revue hal-01834610v1

Biphenyl Bicelle Disks Align Perpendicular to Magnetic Fields on Large Temperature Scales: A Study Combining Synthesis, Solid-State NMR, TEM, and SAXS

Cecile Courreges , Sabine Manet , Stéphane Gineste , Reiko Oda , Marie-France Achard , et al.
Biophysical Journal, 2007, 92 (11), pp.3949 - 3959. ⟨10.1529/biophysj.106.097758⟩
Article dans une revue hal-01622229v1

Membrane réactive pour la production électrochimique de radicaux oxydants visant le traitement de polluants bioréfractaires.

Stéphane Raffy , Marc Cretin , Roseline Esmilaire , Mathieu Rivallin , Sophie Cerneaux , et al.
MemPro6, 2017, Saint Malo, France
Communication dans un congrès hal-01718401v1
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Quantitative determination of varietal disulfides in wine and their behavior during alcoholic fermentation

J.J J Bencomo-Rodriguez , J. Gambetta , P. Rigou , N. Canelo , Aurélie Roland , et al.
9e Symposium international d'œnologie de Bordeaux-Oeno 2011, Jun 2011, Bordeaux, France
Communication dans un congrès hal-01762389v1
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Phytochemical Profile, Antioxidant and Antitumor Activities of Green Grape Juice

Mohamad Nasser , Hoda Cheikh-Ali , Akram Hijazi , Othmane Merah , Abd El-Ameer N. Al-Rekaby , et al.
Processes, 2020, ⟨10.3390/pr8050507⟩
Article dans une revue hal-02898217v1

Real-Time Detection of ESR1 Mutation in Blood by Droplet Digital PCR in the PADA-1 Trial: Feasibility and Cross-Validation with NGS

Celine Callens , François Clément Bidard , Anaïs Curto-Taribo , Olfa Trabelsi-Grati , Samia Melaabi , et al.
Analytical Chemistry, 2022, 94 (16), pp.6297-6303. ⟨10.1021/acs.analchem.2c00446⟩
Article dans une revue hal-03673620v1
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Separation of unsaturated C18 fatty acids using perfluorinated-micellar electrokinetic chromatography: II) role of nano-structuration

Hai Yen Ta , Christophe Déjugnat , Stéphane Balayssac , Fabrice Collin , Stéphanie Balor , et al.
Journal of Molecular Liquids, 2022, 360, pp.119478. ⟨10.1016/j.molliq.2022.119478⟩
Article dans une revue hal-03719917v1
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PassStat, a simple but fast, precise and versatile open source potentiostat

Mélicia Caux , Anis Achit , Kethsovann Var , Gabriel Boitel-Aullen , Daniel Rose , et al.
HardwareX, 2022, 11, pp.e00290. ⟨10.1016/j.ohx.2022.e00290⟩
Article dans une revue hal-03605561v1

Design, synthesis of novel pyranotriazolopyrimidines and evaluation of their anti-soybean lipoxygenase, anti-xanthine oxidase, and cytotoxic activities

Abderrahim Ben Saïd , Anis Romdhane , Nicolas Elie , David Touboul , Hichem Ben Jannet , et al.
Journal of Enzyme Inhibition and Medicinal Chemistry, 2016, 31 (6), pp.1277-1285. ⟨10.3109/14756366.2015.1118684⟩
Article dans une revue hal-03367301v1
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Gold(I) α‐Trifluoromethyl Carbenes: Synthesis, Characterization and Reactivity Studies

Mathilde Rigoulet , David Vesseur , Karinne Miqueu , Didier Bourissou
Angewandte Chemie International Edition, 2022, ⟨10.1002/anie.202204781⟩
Article dans une revue hal-03668834v1

De Pasteur aux liquides ioniques chiraux. Petite histoire de l’induction asymétrique promue par le solvant

Annie-Claude Gaumont , Yves Génisson , F. Guillen , Jean-Christophe Plaquevent
L'Actualité Chimique, 2011, 348-349, pp.84-89
Article dans une revue hal-01139859v1

The PERICLES research program: An integrated approach to characterize the combined effects of mixtures of pesticide residues to which the French population is exposed.

A. Crépet , F. Héraud , C. Béchaux , M. E. Gouze , S. Pierlot , et al.
Toxicology, 2013, 313 (2-3), epub ahead of print. ⟨10.1016/j.tox.2013.04.005⟩
Article dans une revue hal-00872111v1
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Surface Amalgam on Magnesium Electrode: Protective Coating or Not?

Clément Pechberty , Jean-Bernard Ledeuil , Joachim Allouche , Rémi Dedryvère , Lorenzo Stievano , et al.
Energy Technology, 2023, 11, pp.2201098. ⟨10.1002/ente.202201098⟩
Article dans une revue hal-03884770v1
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In Situ Photochemical Transformation of Hg Species and Associated Isotopic Fractionation in the Water Column of High-Altitude Lakes from the Bolivian Altiplano

Sylvain Bouchet , Emmanuel Tessier , Jeremy Masbou , David Point , Xavier Lazzaro , et al.
Environmental Science and Technology, 2022, 56 (4), pp.2258-2268. ⟨10.1021/acs.est.1c04704⟩
Article dans une revue hal-03584011v1
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Redox dynamics of subduction revealed by arsenic in serpentinite

G.S. Pokrovski , C. Sanchez-Valle , S. Guillot , Anastassia Yu. Borisova , M. Muñoz , et al.
Geochemical Perspectives Letters, 2022, 22, pp.36-41. ⟨10.7185/geochemlet.2225⟩
Article dans une revue hal-03805619v1
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Purity of double hydrophilic block copolymers revealed by capillary electrophoresis in the critical conditions

Adam T Sutton , Emmanuelle Read , Alison R Maniego , Joel J Thevarajah , Jean-Daniel Marty , et al.
Journal of Chromatography A, 2014, 1372, pp.187 - 195. ⟨10.1016/j.chroma.2014.10.105⟩
Article dans une revue hal-04036765v1